Purple Chrome Grafix

Our 1937 Ford 2 door sedan humpback is an original BC car. It was found in the Kootenays and brought to Kamloops in early 1993. And that is where we found it. We bought the '37 Ford in August 2002.

Finally, on Tuesday, 12-DEC-06 it was painted. Some minor tuning, final wheel alignment, road testing for the balancing of the brakes and setting the speedometer. Ready for inspection. Interior isn't done and probably won't be for another year . . . the bank is broke!

As at 04-AUG-07, the car is now home. We are putting miles on it and making a list of some things that will need to be corrected this coming winter. All-in-all it rides really good, much better than our '31 Ford coupe.

SEP- 2013 UPDATE: after a lot of money was poured into the house for some major renovations, we are now back to getting the '37 finished off. We will be looking for an upolsterer to get the interior all done and comfy.